In Writing

Where to begin?! I have time to post, and I'm really excited about it.

At the moment, Catherine and Camille are both napping, and Jack is swirling around in his Johnny Jump Up. Erik's away at a business lunch meeting and the house is in a good holding pattern. All green lights!!!

To think writing used to be a given... a standard part of my day in highschool, college, and my twenties! A bin full of journals - many supplied by Suzan Chase- in our garage proves it. Now, writing is a luxury, like a cup of coffee, or taking a bath.

Times have changed from being single. God's given me living journals to write in day to day... Erik, Catherine, Camille, and Jack. As a family, we are always observing and discussing. I'm grateful for these people that I share every hour of every day with; I feel life is lived out in relationship, not in black and white/pen and paper/this binary code.

There is something to be said for writing.

If you've ever called me up and asked WHAT I've been doing, you know I can tell you that. With Catherine, Camille, and Jack, we are always doing something!

But if you've ever asked me a question any higher on Bloom's Taxonomy, like HOW I'm doing... I usually won't know off the top of my head. The day is too busy and my mind is too full to stop and assess spur of the moment.

Writing solves that for me. Katherine (Oliver) Carrera, a college friend and lover of writing, once said something on this topic like, "The many thoughts in my head are forced to line up and exit one by one through the point of this pen."

Experience gives me stuff to write about. Talking lets me share it with others. But writing, ahh, writing! For me, it does something that experience and talking don't do. Writing goes smack in the middle, helping me to process and remember and express.

It's great to be able to talk through the day with my family. But how can I remember those moments to discuss with Catherine, Camille, and Jack when they're older? I want to remember.

It's great when the students who live here at Ravencrest come by our home and see it all in busy, blurry action. I love to share our lives with them. But for our family and friends who are far away, how can I best share our family with you? When you phone, I don't want to give you the minute by minute breakdown of our day. I want to give you my thoughts and heart, too.

So here is my offering, in writing.


  1. Can't describe how awesome it is to read about your family...talk about a "quiet moment with a cup of coffee"!...but, now, add that we all can "talk to" this very busy mom and "hear" about the happenings of her heart and see the blessings that unfold as the Snyders entrust themselves to Him!

    Those are some pretty cute babies you have there, too.


  2. Thanks, mom, for the encouragement! It's great having you walking along with us!! love, Sarah

  3. I won't lie. I am so excited to read about the happening in the Snyder household. Perhaps it will help me get back to blogging more than once every three months! Hey, if you can do it with 3 kiddos, then I should be able to with almost 2 right! :) I can't even begin to describe how much I miss you and how sad I am that I will not be able to see you in April. So thankful for this blog. At least I can see a snapshot into your lives one way or another. Hugs and kisses sweet cuz.

  4. Dear Cuz- I miss you, too. I check your blog from time to time. It's a good way to catch up when we can't in person. Please give your Matt and Liana hugs for us, and a little pat to Bump. Hugs and kisses to you, too. love, Sarah