summer with my children

send them outside 
these last summer days
into the sunlight, warmth, freedom
of forts and crickets and skinned knees and wading pool and ice pops dripping with summer heat.

summer days when

Catherine goes from four wheels to two 
training wheels come off

Jude goes from four limbs to two

Jack goes from needing diapers to finding trees and rocks for those things

Camille rides, pedals to the metal and skids out, 
her personality in a bike ride.

summer days long and bright grow faintly shorter
morning air faintly crisper
aspen leaves changing, lightening not yet yellow

the boxes - white and large, brown and small - arrive
new books, yet unread
new texts, yet unanswered
new days, unknown
excited, jittery
Catherine's school days about to begin.

frustration wanting to reach forward,
ache wanting to stay behind
here in this sweet nostalgia of summer with my children.

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