summer's peak

Summer's at its peak in the High Country!
We're making the most of these last summer evenings by firing up the grill and enjoying the season's best produce.

Click here if you'd like to visit our our printable August menu!
Want to find the recipes? Many of our August suppers are from Whole Foods.
Others you can find through google. 

If you're just in, you are welcomed to visit our posts on menu rationale and method.


  1. pretty pretty mountains!

    and this menu looks so good...and so organized! is this what your family eats?

    1. Becca- come with your man and hike these mountains with us someday! in the meantime, yes, we do eat this stuff... somedays we have left-over or divert depending... you are so health-conscious and delicious-conscious... you are inspiration to me! Love Sarah

      Pssst! If you want inspiration, check out Becca's blog