shopping with Jack

Shopaholics warning: material may make you cry with discomfort!

Because we live so far from "suburbia", shopping isn't a thing we do for fun... it's something we just do.

Driving down to the Valley (think: Target, WalMart, Costco) takes 1 1/2 hours. One way. Between Nap and Bed is squeezed Driving and Shopping.

Putting words like "Squeezed" and "Shopping" together may drive some of you madly uncomfortable.

Kinda like wearing shoes or pants that are too tight.

When we shop, we follow "The List".

Now some of you are really squirming... relax. Jack's about to learn the word "Browse".

With Catherine's birthday approaching, Erik and I agreed that I would dash away to shop at Target and Michael's with the boys while he followed "The List" and hit Costco with the girls.

Here are some of the conversations Jack and I had on our shopping spree:

strolling up and down the aisles, trying to find some sweet, thoughtful things for Catherine's day

Jack: Mom, we are LOST.
Mama: No, Jack, we are browsing.

Mama: Jack, what do you think Catherine would enjoy for her birthday?
Jack: RACE-TARS! (racecars)
Mama: Jack, would you like race cars for your birthday?
Jack: yes!
Mama: Let's think about what Catherine would like for HER birthday.
Jack (pauses, thinking): MOTORCYCLES!

Jack: Is that for me?
Mama: No, this is for Catherine's birthday.
Jack: Is THAT for me?
Mama: No, this is for Catherine's birthday.
Jack: I don't WANT Taf-frin's birf-day. I want MY birf-day!

Jack: Maybe we get Taf-frin some princesses for her birf-day.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this cute, honest conversation! My heart laughed out loud! ~s