It may just look, sound, and smell like rain around here, 
but when your state's been burning up, it's sweet, sweet rain.

Having grown up in South Carolina's lush greenness and humidity, I experienced rain falling regularly. Rain came. Expected.
I've been thinking this week that rain isn't just "a given"... but rain is given

He gives rain on the earth
and sends water on the fields.
Job 5:10

Thank you, Lord, for giving us rain. 
And thank you, friends, for praying.

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  1. Awesome :) I prayed for rain in Colorado a couple times. And when I heard that it had rained, it was like God told me that He didn't wait for a certain number of people to pray before He gave rain. Rather He gave rain to answer my individual prayer, and to answer someone else's individual prayer, etc.

    I wondered why rain didn't come earlier, because it all seemed to go out of control. And I thought: "enough people must be praying now, right", but then He said just my prayer would've been enough. Pretty cool :) He is always in control. And I think it's pretty amazing that rain came after people started admitting that they were no longer in control over the situation.

    I love you all!