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This week watch for guest posts - people from a cross-section of life, sharing what it means to depend on Jesus!

Up today is the lovely lady I get to hang out with all week: Erik's mom, Anne. Erik's parents live on one of the breathtaking Gulf Islands off the west coast of Canada, accessible by boat, ferry, or float plane. I'm happy to "share" her with you through her story today. Enjoy!

God’s Surprise

It was a beautiful summer day on the island. One of those days when the warmth of God’s sun seems to touch your heart. We were in the middle of  “changeover” day.  People come to stay in our home each week to enjoy a time away on the island with our Lord and I was busily getting ready. Beds were changed and looked inviting, the bathrooms were clean, and now the porch and walkway needed a sweep. Looking out on the water, the ferry was about 10 minutes from docking……would there already be guests for our home on it?

Moving quickly with broom in hand, I saw the spiders had taken over again. How quickly they worked creating their webs and placing their anchor strands across peoples’ paths. My heart turned away from the beauty of God’s day.  Suddenly a “battle feeling” surfaced as I finished the porch work, and now on the walkway sweeping quickly, wondering how many seconds were left before the ferry docked. 
Next, the dry earth, crusted from many hot sunny days and no watering, caught my eye. Leaves on the smaller bushes looked wilted and hanging as if needing a drink. I quickly grabbed the hose to rescue them in their plight. The battle continued to be overbearing as I now had another mission to accomplish.  Glancing ahead I spotted a cobweb, gently bobbing in the space across the pathway. A few fine threads anchored it to the bushes along each side. Anger now took over and taking the hose I sprayed the water in full force directly at the cobweb, certain that it would disappear.  Instead, still hovering on its anchor strands, it became filled with droplets of water. The sun being at the right angle shone through the droplets, making the web a brilliant jewel. Tears trickled down my cheeks as my ugly heart surfaced.  God had rescued me again, and in such a beautiful way. 
Often my greatest learning in knowing and understanding His ways has been one of resting and trusting in Him for His sake, not the accomplishments of the everyday and doing all the good and right things. 

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  1. Anonymous6.8.12

    This is such a lovely entry, dear Anne, and so relevant to the "Martha" attitude I find myself having at times "when company is coming!" Thank you for the reminder of the joy that is in the journey.


    ps don't mind the cobwebs when I finally come out to see ya'll!