at ten months,

you are sleeping in a (semi) big-boy-bed now, 
upgrading from the portable "move me anywhere" pack-and-play to your crib.

You crawl lightning fast - most of the time making a bee-line for the bathroom 
before I can stop you to get your hands on the toilet wand or other treasures of the loo.

When it comes to toys, you are a bit of a electronic geek:
turning your nose up to plastic, brightly-colored, and safe baby toys, 
preferring computer wires and dismantling the night light.

You are full of smiles and giggles, especially watching your siblings play. 
Holding on to the side of your pack-and-play, you jump up and down with glee... Daddy is certain you've caught air a few times. 

You are remarkable- you already help out (sometimes) by throwing your diaper in the trash and even picking up toys with the rest of us.  

You prefer feeding yourself with your nimble fingers. 
Frozen grapes are your favorite (and the favorite of the tooth you're cutting) at the moment.
You like keeping your tray tidy, even though it's at the expense of making Mama's floor messy.

You get pretty stoked when I put on the baby carrier and invite you for a walk. You flash that three-toothed grin of yours and you've got me smilin' too.

I can't imagine life without you!

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  1. Anonymous6.8.12

    I wish i could be writing posts like that; miss'em so...all our chilluns have all their own toilet wands and toilets, electronics and teeth and are keeping their own floors tidy. But one question, what is "[catching] air a few times"?