when everything's funny

so I was up a lot last night with Jude 
- poor boy had a miserable little fever- 
and so now I'm kind of slap-happy 
(not about Jude's fever... just my lack of sleep)

one fact about me that doesn't come out too often is 
that I can get so goofy in my head when I'm tired 
that every thing's uproariously funny.

so here's a funny Friday post for ya. 
(at least it's funny to me and maybe people who get wound-up-silly when they're tired)


Catherine helped me wash the dishes and then drained the sink. 
She saw the water vortex in the drain and said:

(a new word covering both hurricanes and tornados?)


Camille put a pencil up to her eye and said:

(we've been reading a LOT of pirate stories lately)


Catherine saw this CD cover and said, "That looks like Granddaddy!"
(and in some crazy way... it did)


Finally (for your sake, people):
I was reminded of this joke today when my kids were watching a show about numbers.

What did the Zero say to the Eight?
"Nice belt."

(-joke courtesy of my brilliant scientific brother, Zach
 proving once again his ability to understand the physics of chemistry and still play with numbers, too).

Happy weekend, folks.

Hope yours is full of good humor.

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