well hello, picmonkey!

so nice to meet you!

Ever wonder how some some people can dress up or put fun play clothes on their photos??
I don't know what all's out there, but I have come across this sweet photo editing tool called PicMonkey.
Here's the difference it made to this picture of ours:



Like it? So easy!
In three clicks, I did three things to this one: 
1. put an "effect" on it
2. used a "focal soften" circle
3. tied it all up with a "frame"

You can do so much more, too.

What do I like more: 
the fact that picmonkey is super easy to use... 
or that it's free
The jury's out on this one!

If you like (or would like to do) photo editing, have fun here.


  1. That's cool! It seems to put some movement in the picture.

  2. i love this picture of your babies and sweet mrs. Suzan!