our little graduate

Reflecting on Ravencrest's graduation yesterday, I realized that we have our own little "in-house" graduate who is constantly accomplishing so many achievements. According to his teacher (Madame Mama), Jude is getting excellent marks on his "growing up certificate"

Recess (aka play time): A+
Teacher's notes: Jude appears happiest playing with his brother and sisters

Health (aka teething): A+
Teacher's notes: two bottom middle chompers appeared simultaneously

Cafeteria manners (aka eating): C+
Teacher's notes: enjoys mashing, tossing, and covering himself in food

PE (aka crawling): A+
Teacher's notes: first destination was down the hallway to the bathtub

Personality: A+
Teacher's notes: happy, friendly, cheerful, giggly... Jude is a delight to have in class each day

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  1. Oh Sarah,
    He is such a beautiful baby!! (of course they all are;)