at seven months

"Fingers, how I love thee!"
- your hopelessly devoted teething gums

the order: Catherine, Camille, Jack, and Jude
the age: all at seven months


  1. :) Nice.

    I like the changed lay-out a lot! Especially the 6 black and white pictures in the header!

  2. Anonymous1.5.12

    Love your new look, all the pix and the wonderful words from your heart! Must admit, Catherine pulled a fast one on me with the Groucho Marx brows, glasses and nosey nose! Still and all, her chocolate browns gave her away eventually!! We love ya'll sooooooo much!


  3. Oh Sara... y'all are just so good at capturing and sharing moments... *sigh* I love y'all heaps and heaps!

  4. You guys are so sweet. Thanks for your kind thoughts.
    Mom, did you realize you made it in to two of these shots? Those are your hands holding Camille and Jude. I guess we were in SC when they were both seven months, then.
    Love you guys!
    s and e