postcard project

Once read: "When my children were very young, I [found] pictures of paintings and pasted them onto my kitchen walls, from floor to ceiling. The most interesting I put at toddler height. With art all around the home, children can become familiar with it and begin to appreciate it." 
- A Child's Book of Art

 Found: empty wall space under the kitchen counter

 Posted: the first postcard! Sent from England from our friend, Sjoerd

 Studied: Camille gets familiar with Capernwray Hall

Turned: our attention to you

Request: can you help us fill our white wall space?
Help us appreciate art and better know our world.
Send us a postcard from your area or a postcard of your favorite art.
Maybe we'll send you one back, for your white space!
Thank you!

send us an email
and we'll send your our address!


  1. how fun! we'll have to do this!

  2. Haha way too much credits for my postcard, to be the first of a new project. :)
    Nice idea! I hope people will send you cards!