i can't...

...get enough of you!

We had two fantastic weeks with Erik at Christmastime.

The best thing was that, at the end, none of us had gotten enough!

Erik spent a lot of time horizontal - on the floor - playing with our children.

Erik took each the kids on dates throughout the Christmas break. Here he is with Jack (holding Jack's current obsession - race cars) before their "special date". The kids love these times, as evidenced by Catherine's comment, the day before Erik's holiday ended: "Daddy, since this is your last day of holiday, would you like to take me on a date?"


  1. Isn't it the best having a husband and children that we can't get enough of?! I love that our family LOVES being together, and clearly yours does too! Dads are always so fun for the children (and mom) to have home for extended breaks!

    I miss you! Been thinking of the Bible study you lead on the book of John when I was in the sixth grade! You taught me so many foundational truths! Thank you for being a servant and taking time to build into my life. I will never forget!

    Love, Maureen

  2. :)That's very good to read! God bless you all, at work and at home.