jack's sling and bandage...

... are gone!

Jack's bright smile got a whole lot brighter
when his hand surgeon said Jack could go home from his last appointment
in two little bandaids!

Having a good sense of his limits, Jack started off re-engaging in his usual activities
tentatively and cautiously.

But as the week has gone by, he has resumed everything he once did!
Special favorites: getting his hand wet again (aka- shower, bath, swimming!),
eating corn on the cob with two hands

He sits still on our laps each afternoon and evening for us to change his bandaids. He's still aware that his fingers are healing, and takes "redressing" seriously, saying, "Uh-oh, Mama!" if one of his bandaids comes off.

We have another appointment with his surgeon next week. We are thankful for your prayers and thoughts toward us and wish you could see little Jack in action!
God has been so kind to re-knit his fingers back.

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