spring fling

Leading up to the students' graduation from Ravencrest Chalet,
the students and staff get together for the annual "Spring Fling" -
games, a cookout, and fellowship together.

Camille and Catherine got to ride the bus with the students!

Our spring term's "family group" prepares to dominate the mine field game.
(That's Jack and Erik on the far right).

Catherine keeps watch from the tower. The foe - Pirates? Tigers?

Whatever the foe, Camille blasts them away.
Jack and Kellen gallop off to the wild, wild west.

Jack prepares for launch.

Camille climbs to new heights accompanied by Mauri (from Colorado) and Roberta (from Washington).

Camille and Isaac (from Oregon). These pictures say so much about both of them!
Isaac is a wonderful writer and recently wrote about Camille in his blog.

We deeply appreciate being at Ravencrest for many reasons,
one of which is for the relationships God weaves into our family each year and beyond.
We are happy for the students as they walk on with God from Ravencrest,
but we miss them deeply when they are gone!

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  1. fun! i just read isaac's blog about your sweet fam. wish i could stop in for some toast and tea and a theology lesson from little camille...! some day... miss you!