Act One: miss a period and start throwing up (aka morning sickness. Apparently a misnomer, according to my friend Sadie, who swears it's morning, afternoon, and night sickness).
Act Two: pee on a stick and see a plus sign.
Act Three: hear a heart beat.
Act Four: start feeling flutters.
Act Five: get an ultrasound.
It's an unfolding drama that begins expressing itself with subtlety, growing with ever-increasing momentum until that final act of beholding your tiny baby face to face, snuggling the freshest of skin next to yours.

To me, each part is filled with wonder... each part is humming, buzzing, bursting with the miracle of life.
Four babies later, I still felt a warm tear slide down my cheek when Erik and I first heard the sound of our baby's heart beat.

Ultrasounds leave me speechless. Not too long ago, Erik, Catherine, and I got to have a sneak peek into the hidden place where God is creating our newest child. I couldn't stop smiling. This child is already equipped for everything needed for life outside the womb: feet to walk, a mouth to eat, lungs to breathe, eyes to see. Everything. The super-deluxe package. All-inclusive. I was filled with thankfulness and praise.

Scripture says that God knit us together in our mother's womb... all those intricate parts: heart ventricles, brain hemispheres, organs, the spinal column, blood. For my part? All I have to do is continue on with life as normal (eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom) and God creates this masterpiece! I'm so glad it's not up to me to remember to weave these parts together. (In the busyness of my life, surely I would be saying, "Shoot! I forgot to add the nervous system!")

Getting a peek into this wonder causes me to praise Him! So many things have to go right to make this baby... to make me and to make you... to make everyone that we casually rub shoulders with each day. We are brushing past miracles. Each ultrasound has deepened my respect for human life - the young and old, friends and strangers. They are His creations.

So what did we learn about this new little one through our ultrasound? We discovered that our son Jack's world - presently outnumbered 2 to 1 on the girl to guy ratio - might not be shaded entirely pink, filled with necklaces and swirly skirts. Looks like he's in for some brotherhood.

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  1. Oh how fun!! Double-Trouble!!

    p.s. I can see he already has that Stansel chin!!