Our bun in the oven (bebe numero quattro) is 20 weeks baked!

Sarah can feel him/her kicking, punching, flipping around and anticipates that the family can share in feeling that soon, too. The little one is already hearing greetings and feeling pats from eager siblings. We are looking forward to meeting him/her in August!

Is an ultrasound in our near future? YES... and we will be happy to share the results (m/f) if our little one isn't being too modest at the time of photography :)

Thanks for your prayers for our family along the way.


  1. Very Sweet, congrats

  2. Sarah, your mom told me about your new little one on the way! Can't wait to hear if it will be a boy or girl! Can't believe you are a mama of four! That's so wonderful!

  3. Anonymous30.3.11

    Glad to see the five changed to six!! I have been waiting :). Congratulations- you are such an encouragement to me as you walk with Christ through the exciting and mundane, the easy and the challenging moments of life! Blessings on your days! Peggy