Erik and I enjoy watching Catherine and Camille discover the joy of creating games to play together.

On a recent roadtrip, the girls even played "Hide and Seek". Who else but a 2- and 3- year old could play this while strapped into their carseats? Each one took turns hiding in her carseat (covering her eyes) while the other one looked around to "find" her. I love child-like faith! (We CAN play hide and seek in spite of carseats!)

This game in the video is called "turtles". Our preschoolers are so much fun. I love being around them. PS: Keep an eye out for Jack who's checking out his sisters!


  1. Anonymous24.2.11

    I had to watch twice to find Jack! LOL! Found him! :) Love the games kids come up with. Why do we even have toys?

  2. I hear you about the toys! We bought Catherine a rolling toy when she was a baby to encourage her crawling, but she turned her nose up to that, instead favoring of my good ole rolling pin!! Not just for biscuits :)