one year: wonderful YOU

It's been absolutely wonderful being able to share our lives with you. Through your emails, comments, and presence, we have felt "heard", supported, and encouraged as a family. You are great company as you join us on our family's walk together (albeit baby steps).

In keeping with the "walking" theme, I asked my friend Amy, an expert hiker whose hiking has gotten her all the way up the Appalachain Trail, to teach me about different types of hikers. She says "a Through Hiker is someone who, from the beginning set out to hike the FULL distance without stopping. A Section Hiker is someone who hikes the full and complete distance in allotted sections, based upon their schedule." Thank you, Amy. My bro Zach, also a ATer, said he's even met Day Hikers, people who would just get out on the trail for a day or so.

And so it is with you. Some of you get out and hike with us for the day. Some of you are Section Hikers, walking with us in parts as your schedule permits. Others of you are Through Hikers, going the full distance each step. Whether you're walking with us for the day or as long as we're on this trail, you are welcome!

During our journey together, Erik and I have no expectations for you. We only hope that you will see Jesus - not in duplicated facts, but in His replicated Life in ours. May the only thing that compels you about our lives be not to learn a philosophy or behavior, but to personally go to Jesus for yourself.
Jesus says, "Come to Me." (Matthew 11:28-30) As Erik and I go to Him with our lives and the circumstances in them and then share them with you, may we simply echo His "come" to you. (A lesson we learned from Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest). May you see Him and seek Him yourself!

Some of you have asked how to stay in touch, comment, and even join in "walking with us" (as seen on the column at right).

To stay in touch, you are welcome to email us at erikandsarahsnyder@yahoo.com

To comment,
you will see a "0 comments" at the bottom of a post. If someone's already commented, it may read "1 comment" or something to that effect. Click this. Then you can type your comment. You will now have a choice of how to identify yourself in the "Comment As" drop-down menu. If you don't have an blog account, simply choose "Anonymous" in the drop down menu and then press "Post Comment". If you have an account already and already have "signed -in" at the top of the blog page, you are set. Just press "Post Comment".

To begin "walking with us", click on "Follow" in the column at right. I'm not an expert on this part, but I do know that the blogs I "follow" means that I get to see their posts as soon as they're live. It saves me the time of checking back on each blog to see if there is a new post from day to day. It's like having a subscription - the post is sent to my google account and read within my blog. But this is where I'm unsure and could use some advice: can someone tell me if you can get these posts sent to your email account if you don't have a blog of your own??


  1. Definitely a through hiker:)I am not sure about the following thing? I think we are followers but nothing comes to our email? I just check in most days, to see if you have written....it is always a gift when you have!!! Thank You!

  2. i was excited to read this post. would consider myself a section hiker, as i've only recently stumbled upon your blog. however, love it when a new post is displayed in my "dasboard". keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Sadie and Amy. hmm... i'll keep looking into this. -scs