building blocks

Erik and I are so grateful that our children have grandparents like Nana and Papa. They brought two enormous apple crates filled with "Megablocks" down from Canada, which the kids built with for three weeks straight. Block upon block, castles and towers were dreamed and created.

Nana and Papa are not only the kind of grandparents who bring fun things; they are also the kind of grandparents who care enough to invest their time and their lives in our kids. Megablocks upon words, story books upon words, threading beads upon words, decorating cookies upon words: this is the stuff of BUILDING into their little lives.

What a great foundation of relationship to be built on for years to come!

I chose some pictures of those "building blocks" to share with you...

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  1. my kids loved these photos!!! We love you little snyders (and big ones too!)