erik's wish

Erik's wish this Christmas?

"Time with my family."

He then asked, "Do you think it would be fun to take the kids to a hotel with a pool for a night?"

We headed down to "the valley" (aka, out of the mountains to the city) for a night. The kids loved time in the pool with the froggy slide. Not having a bathtub at our home, they were delighted with the huge jacuzzi bath we had right there in our room!

But best of all was time with Erik.

I love Erik's heart for his family! He is not just about giving us "stuff" but giving us himself. It isn't complicated; it doesn't involve an agenda... he simply wants to be available to his family.

"Being available" might look like a splash in a pool, setting up a train track, or picking out an ice cream cone. It might look like heading over to the Chalet to flip our laundry, or to the Shop to get the water truck to refill our tank.

Nestled in those warm moments is time to be heard, to listen, to dialogue. To wonder. To dream. To sort things out. To laugh.

When people ask about our Christmas break, I've been saying that time with Erik/ Daddy is always wonderful but never enough!

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