Our family had the opportunity to housesit for a family in Colorado Springs this past weekend.

Colorado Springs is a special place to us...
it is the place where Erik and I had our first "home" four years ago...

... where we not only built furniture together but also felt our family was being built through the communication we learned through that endeavor...

... where sweet memories were made as we were pregnant with our first child Catherine,
and where she was born...

... where we felt so encouraged in the Lord both individually and as a couple
at our local church...

...where we made lifelong friends who "knew us then".

So, to take our three kids back to Colorado Springs this past weekend,

to see them walking paths in our neighborhood park
where we had talked about the unknown paths of our future

to see them exploring the Garden of the Gods,
where we had spent many prayer times to our Living God,

was a living reminder of God's faithfulness to our family over these past four years.

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