our little darlings

Scene: Catherine, walking down the dirt path leading to our house.
Heard: Catherine, stumbling and landing in bushes (after which Catherine gracefully picks herself up and, without saying a word, takes a bow!)

Scene: any average day out for the Snyders
Heard: (strangers, observing Catherine and Camille) Ohhh, are they twins?

Scene: After carrying luggage up to the car for our Colorado Springs trip, Sarah returns to the kitchen; Jack seems to have disappeared!
Heard: muffled sounds coming from...?? (Ahah! Jack is discovered!)

Scene: Camille, in the surfing/skating restaurant "Wahoo's" with Sarah, observes a poster of a surfer ripping through the center of a wave.
Heard: Mama, I want to swim like that! (This coming from our extreme Camille, is no surprise!)

Scene: our family, sharing dinner with a student and parent. Our guests ask Catherine what her middle name is.
Heard: (Sarah prompting Catherine) Mom and Dad often call you "Catherine." What other name do we call you sometime?
Catherine (looking thoughtful, as if trying to remember): "Darling?"

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