Aunt Suzan

She was always "Mrs. Chase" to me since I met her when I was only fourteen years old. She was leading a meeting for our church's nursery workers, and I was attending. Going though an identity crisis as an early teen (preppy? granola?), I was drawn to Mrs. Chase's gentle, caring nature.

Soon the cards started arriving from Mrs. Chase. "Hello" cards. Birthday cards. Thanksgiving cards. I still have most of them.

Every Sunday growing up, I'd see Mrs. Chase at church, and she'd always ask me, "How can I be praying for you?"

Through high school, through graduation, through university, Mrs. Chase continued to ask me this question, and continued to pray for me. Even the cards kept coming.

When I got involved in an unhealthy relationship with a guy in England, Mrs. Chase kept praying. Miraculously, that relationship ended and my Canadian-knight-in-shining-"armour" arrived. Mrs. Chase knew Erik and I were to be married the day she met him.

Standing with me through the years as I grew from an awkward 14 year old to (a still awkward) 27 year old, it seemed right to ask Mrs. Chase to stand with me at Erik's and my wedding as my maid of honor.

As our children have arrived (in rapid succession), Mrs. Chase has become "Aunt Suzan" to us all.

Her visit in the middle of July (a hot summer month, and an intense month in my life as a mom) could not have come at a better time. She brought flowers up each morning for our table. She seasoned our day with laughter. She lent me the gift of listening, and to our children, Aunt Suzan lent them the gift of play and giggles.

Aunt Suzan received each one of us for who we are and for where we're at. We love you, Aunt Suzan!

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