Scene: our family, driving down Route 66

Erik- Catherine, mom and dad want to talk to each other right now. Why don't you talk to Mimi? You can say how pretty her hair looks and ask her how she did it.

Catherine- (quiet for a second) Hey, Mimi... How's your hair doin'?

Scene: our family in eating dinner at Noodles in Boulder, home to Colorado University. Guy students fill the table next to us.

Mimi- Hey!! (smiles hugely and points to her chest) Mimi! (as in, "Hey Guys!! My name's Mimi!") The guys engage with Camille and Camille laughs her charming laugh.

Guy Student - She's got the greatest laugh!

Scene: Camille playing with Jack on the floor

Sarah - Careful of Jack's fingers, Meems.

Camille - Surrie (Sorry). (Hugs Jack). Her, Jack (Here, Jack). (pops Jack's paci in to his mouth)

Scene: sitting on living room couch with Catherine, who wants to discuss my wedding ring
Sarah - Catherine, maybe you'll have a wedding ring on your finger someday when a guy asks you to marry him.

Catherine - Daddy's a guy. I could marry Daddy!

Scene: telling Catherine and Camille about our new friend Carly who was in an accident nearly seven years ago

Catherine - Talk some more about Carly, Mom

Sarah describes Carly, ending with - "She needed help, so an ambulance came and took her to the hospital."

Catherine - "We can help Carly, Mom!!"

Camille - "Mimi... hep!" (I can help!)


  1. Aw! Love these posts. I'm getting SO excited to see y'all again!

  2. ...and we can't wait to see YOU, with our family, in our home, and with the Rockies as your backdrop!

  3. I am loving your words Sarah. Your blog is beautiful as well as your family. I feel like in many ways an expression of who you are is greatly interpreted through your blogging. You're a great writer and an even better wife and mother. We miss you guys. Oh and I loved that comment you wrote about the hot and cold on the shower. I had never thought about that before. Also in Germany they don't write H and C, it's just colors. Those Germans.
    We are coming to the states October 12-23. So plan on seeing us during that time:) We could probably drive up there. Sorry I just kinda wrote you a small e-mail.
    We love you guys!

  4. C&H-We miss you too! We are C/S bound and will be in touch about getting together - we'll put an end to this mutual missing! We love you three! S&E