an excerpt from a letter i sent out yesterday...

"we are adjusting to the students and mom having left... i think their absense is affecting me more than i realize. it was such an encouragement having them over regularly and seeing them around the campus, even just to say hi and chat awhile. having people in our lives is good for me and the kids. i feel more isolated now.

we are looking into getting a membership at the Y in boulder so that i can take the kids swimming during the week. i think camille especially would love having swimming skills to channel her energy, physical and mental. i've been taking all three of them to the playground on nice days, and they love that. sometimes i can chat with other parents, which is nice.

you can pray for us that God would use this wonderful time of summer in a new and different way than the precious days we have when the students are here.

the kids had probably the worst night on record - many wakings from all three. e&i are pooped. i don't feel like getting out on days after nights like that, but that's usually the best thing!


  1. Anonymous26.5.10

    My friend got a membership to the Y while she was visiting in the States. She could go exercise for an hour while the kids were at the Y day care; and then take them swimming afterwords. It was a nice break for her since her husband wasn't in the States ( he was in Korea working); and it was a treat for the kids. Another friend did the same thing, and enjoyed having a healthy and fun activity for everyone involved.
    I will pray you get some better rest and do not feel as isolated. It always feels like a ghost town when a campus empties out. I just had my last day with my students! I will miss them, but I look forward to sleeping in!!! -Kelley-

  2. sarah!!! of course, i remember you! thanks for posting on my blog so that we could find each other. talk about a small world - esp. when it comes to your pastor's son marrying my college roommate. looks like you guys are doing well. if you all are ever in Chicago, do let me know - and i'll do the same if i ever happen to be in CO again! again, so good hearing from you. :)