Play with me?

As Catherine and Camille have grown this spring, they seem to be excellent athletes and good responders to my voice... making the playground a fun time for child and mom alike! (especially when baby Jack's in my arms)

Catherine, who is not too shabby of a climber, went partially up this ladder before saying, "This is too dangerous, Mom." The wind was incredibly intense. She climbed down, at which point Camille soared up. Strong in body, mind, and growing in sound judgment, Camille seems a born-athlete. Sometimes I look in the back seat of our car (at our three children cinched into their carseats) and think about their future, wondering, "Who do we have in these carseats?"

Camille's still sorting out the playground, as evidenced by the facial wounds. (She fell off a step into the pebbles.) She picked herself up after this fall and - before the tears had dried- tried again, this time with success.

Trivia Fact: the hill behind Camille to the left is where Ravencrest Chalet (our home) is located.

What traits did others see in you as a child that you have grown in to?
( or, if you have grown children, what traits did you see in them when they were small that they have grown into?)

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