Our promise; His promise

4 June 2005

I, Erik, receive you, Sarah, as God’s perfect gift for me.

He has created you with a deep and sensitive heart to be tenderly cared for in truth, honor, and love.

The love that you deserve, and the love that I desire for you, is patient, kind, selfless, and wise. For this, I can honestly promise you one thing: that I will fail you.

This love that you deserve, and the love that I desire for you, is God’s love, and His love never fails.

Only by God’s gift of His love, are we able to in turn love one another as we were created to do. Today I commit myself to His grace to love you and only you as my wife for as long as life is ours. I make myself available to Him to love you through me: whether you want to be silent or you want to talk…whether you are overwhelmed by the depths or you have perspective from the heights…whether you are grieving or you are filled with joy, I will love you.

As I receive you, Sarah, as my wife today, please receive this ring as a promise of this love that we share: from God to us, and through to one another.


  1. Anonymous1.4.10

    what a beautiful day this was. what beautiful vows shared between two beautiful people. love you!

  2. part of that beauty was YOU being there, my sweet cousin. we love you, too.