Five Star

We've just returned from (what I would call) a five-star resort.

Beautiful location: the romantic South, drenched in fresh, clean springtime
Fantastic service: comfortable accomodation, in-house laundry, delicious meals, caring child-care (grandparents!)
Creative entertainment: endless paths and bicycles with childrens' seats, the sea sprayed beach, starlit walks, heartwarming visits with the "locals" (a.k.a. old friends and new!).

... all this, right in the place I grew up!

To our Beaufort family and friends - it was so wonderful to be with each one of you. You have loved us... received us... spoken words that made us think, laugh, and cry. The sea, the blooming azaleas, and the springtime green were only a backdrop to the time we shared with each of you. We look forward to our next visit with you.

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