Scene and Heard

Scene: the first Wednesday morning into the spring term. Erik is welcoming the students who will be a part of our "Family Group" for the next eight weeks.
Erik: "We enjoy having you into our home. Our kids will want to be with you. You are welcome here anytime you'd like to stop by - after class, on the weekends... only preferably not after nine o'clock because that's when we got to bed these days."
Guy Student: "Cool! So what time do you guys eat dinner??"

Scene: Catherine holding a string from one of our window blinds.
"Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height!!" (Still on the Mary Poppins kick from last week.)

Scene: Erik playing a motocross game on the computer. Catherine and Camille watch, cheering over virtual victories.
(a thud as Erik's guy crashes)
Camille: Oh, no!!

Scene: Sarah tucking Catherine into sleep at night
Sarah: "I had a great day with you, Catherine. I'm looking forward to playing with you again tomorrow."
Catherine: "Aww. Thanks, mom!" (Made me wonder who was tucking whom in bed!)

Scene: Out for a walk with the family. The path bends into shadows and turns icy.
Camille - "CareoohMamma!" (Careful, Mama!)

Catherine and Mom sitting on the couch reading; Daddy walks by.
"Hey, Catherine. Whatcha doing?"
"Hey, Dad. Just hanging out."

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