A little about Ravencrest Chalet

Located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Ravencrest Chalet is a Bible school and a conference center. But for us, it's the place Erik works and our family lives.

How we got is here is a story for a later post, but for now here's a little about the place we call home. We make our home in a flat only a minute walk down the road from the Chalet. The picture below is our "front yard" taken from our deck.

These windows in our dining room are an ever-changing scene from what could be seen in a wildlife magazine! We've spotted deer, elk, and even black bears ambling by. Snowstorms, lightning storms, and rainbows fill the valley around and below us at different times throughout the year.

We even had students turn our "front yard" into a ski resort last April when four feet of snow fell over night!

The shot below is one Erik took from our side yard (no kidding!). I don't know how well the panoramic shot will turn out in the blog format. SO... if it's not big enough to see, you have a new reason to come out and visit us in person!!

I say that Ravencrest is the "place" we live, but Ravencrest is not so much a place to us as it is the people live here: Bible school students in the fall, winter, and spring; guests in the summer; staff and interns year round!

Last May, Catherine said something profound (to me) that summarized this. It was the week following graduation and just before the summer conferences started. Catherine, Camille and I (and Jack growing inside) were out for a walk around the campus. Sensing an unusual quietness about the place, Catherine asked, "Mama, people is?" (Translation: Where did everybody go??)

For her, this place is not about the breathtaking mountains or awesome outdoor activity (hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing... that is, not yet!), but to Catherine, this place is about the people from all over the world, from all walks of life, who want to know God personally. These people have become a huge part of her little life. We feel the same.

If you're interesting in knowing more, Ravencrest's website is being updated! When it goes live - hopefully in the next week or two - I'll post the site address.

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