Indoor Winter Fun

How do a 2 1/2 and a 1 1/2 year old weather the winter?
Sometimes it looks like this...

But sometimes it can look like this...
When the winter's too dark and cold to get outside and play you can always...

Help Mom make something good

Invite some students over (= good fun)

Find and play with bristle blocks, duplos, and Dad

I can hear Camille saying "Ooooh" to this fun, squishy fingerpaint.

Dance! Catherine and Camille's favorite music is aerobic.
Catherine has got rhythm and Camille has got some fast, fancy footwork.

Bring out the play-dough!

We all love to read. Hooray for the public library and weekly Storytime!

What can I say? They're half-Canadian.

Finally, if it's too cold to go to the playground, we build our own.
(Great way to burn some pent up energy.)

What does your family do for winter fun?


  1. Anonymous6.3.10

    Dear Sarah,
    Not too long ago I had your family on my mind, and then your mom sent my mom an e-mail discussing your blog. I like what you have done. What a keep sake for your kids. I must admit, the pictures are lovely, and it is nice to see a dear, old friend joyful with her life and growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ. I have been doing well, and hope that we can still stay in touch regardless of time and distance. Could you send me your e-mail address. Lots of love and prayers,
    Kelley Creecy

  2. Hey, Kelley-
    How nice to hear from you! Your name brings back fun memories of growing up. It would be great to catch up! I'll try emailing you at your old address. Love, Sarah