How's that again?

Wednesday 6:30 AM

Setting: our kitchen, preparing a "Family Group Breakfast" for 8 AM
(translation: feeding the 10 students who come over every Wednesday morning)

Erik: griddling enough bacon to make a Gentile long for all things kosher
Sarah: mixing up enough pancake batter to feed Sambo and friends
Catherine: looking at books on the carpet in the living room
Jack: smiling and cooing while kicking around on the couch
Camille: getting tangled up in our legs

6:30:00 - Sarah: "Camille, go put your feet on the carpet."
6:30:05 - Camille retreats to the carpet

6:31:00 - Camille, humming and beeping, slides on her bottom from the carpet to the linoleum floor where we are working.
6:31:05 - Sarah, trying not to laugh: "Camille, go put your feet AND your bottom on the carpet."
6:31:10 - Camille retreats to the carpet

6:32:00 - Camille, buzzing and chugging, clambers on her hands and her knees from the carpet to the linoleum floor where we are working.
6:32:05 - Sarah, laughing: "Camille, go put your feet and bottom and hands and knees on the carpet."
6:32:10 - Camille retreats to the carpet and, hamstrung from returning to the linoleum, finds other entertainment.


  1. Anonymous11.3.10

    HAHA! I love it!

  2. and I love YOU!
    So glad to have you be "closer" to us day to day, cuz.
    (I'm already missing you being w/ us in SC)

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...didn't someone tell me they thought MiMi was a very smart little girl? I'm surprised she didn't use her head to get off the carpet!