As Catherine sees it...

Catherine was looking at Camille in her hand-me-down footed pajamas and said, "Mama, Mimi's pj's have a hole in the toe."
"They sure do! Hmm. Maybe we could cut the foot off."
"Oh, no, Mama! That would hurt Mimi so bad!"

* * * *

Catherine's getting more skilled at riding her tricycle. She was ready to
try the hill part of our driveway, but I cautioned her that because it was snowy and icy, I would walk alongside her.
"Mama cares for me?"
It's amazing the things she perceives already.

* * * *

"Mama, look at my snow prints!" (foot prints in the snow)
"Look at the streamjet!" (jet stream in the clear blue Colorado sky)
"My have gum/spicy food/toothpaste/etc. when my get bigger!!" (she doesn't seem put off by the fact that she's too little to share in everything mom and dad have/do.)
* * * *

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