Nights at our house, Part Two

Lately, Camille has been asking for her milk (which starts her bedtime routine), and often forgoes the singing and snuggle. Last night, she led the way to her crib, and grabbed the crib slats to pull herself up and in. She snuggles with her teddies, giggles, and passes out. With her enthusiasm, you'd think we'd be taking her to the playground, not to bed.

So, there's not much to say here about Camille's sleep... Once she started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks, she has rarely woken, except occasionally in the event of sickness. Even teething hasn't woken our Camille. Sharing a room with Catherine (who frequently wakes crying), Camille soundly sleeps. We are amazed and thankful!!

Camille is wholehearted about everything she does; I guess it makes sense that she sleeps wholeheartedly at night.

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