My husband's a professional


"Maybe it's mastitis," Erik said that night when I mentioned I felt bruised in my chest.

"I doubt it; Camille and I were tousling on the floor and I think she bruised me when she fell on me."


I took the kids to Community Bible Study in the morning. During the group time, I kept shifting in my chair, aching in my neck, shoulders, and back. I'm really feeling that massage Stephanie (a small but powerful Korean friend that works at RC) gave me... but wasn't that a week ago?? I kept squirming, hoping the lady next to me didn't notice, or if she did, didn't mind.

Between the group time and lecture, I went to the washroom and kept washing my hands in the hot water. My fingers were so cold, and the heat felt so good. As the lecture began, I wanted to dip my fingers into my piping hot cup of tea. It's really cold in this room. I looked around. Why does everyone else look so comfortable and...well, WARM? I should have worn my coat and boots. Somewhere through the lecture on Revelation 17, I thought, "That harlot is really giving me a headache."

The lecture ended and I gathered up our kids and went home. Somehow, all the things that didn't seem so strange at the time started seeming unusual... perpetually washing my hands in hot water? wanting to dip my fingers in my cup of tea? etc. Erik's words came back to me. Maybe it IS mastitis! I took my temperature. 102.

Got the kids in bed and flung myself in, too. They blissfully slept for 2 hours; when we all woke I felt like I had participated in 100 different sports. Achy-all-over.

Erik got home and took over: feeding and putting our girls to bed and looking after me and Jack. After a phone call to the doctor, he gave me some ibuprofen and encouraged me to rest.


Got in for a doctor's appointment and he confirmed what Erik had diagnosed from the onset...
Mast-i-i-i-tis! I got some antibiotics and things are feeling better once again.


What can I say? Erik was right about me again... This guy's sensitive, aware, understanding... When it comes to being my husband, he's a professional.


  1. Anonymous4.3.10

    Oh, I know all too well how the beast known as mastitis feels. I learned a few tricks that helped to stop it in it's attempts to bring me down if you ever want to know. I had it about 6 times with L. Yick!

  2. Six times?! You should get a medal, not that you signed up for it! Do share!

  3. Anonymous5.3.10

    As SOON as you feel it coming on, usually the bright red or hot to the touch mammary is the first clue, or as soon as you start to feel feverish, down an EmergenC packet pronto! Then, drink another glass of water and go take a nap. Sometimes napping with a warm washcloth or heating pad on lowest setting on the mastitis site helps to relieve some discomfort as well. Oh and if pump or nurse too, for a little longer than normal. :) Hoping you don't have to deal with it again. No fun!